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Referee Corner

Welcome to the Referee Corner

This site is dedicated to the training and development of our officials as well as an informational link to keep referees abreast of new and upcoming changes and events.

Questions with the contents of these pages can be directed to the Referee-in-Chief
Chris Rousseau at

Interested in Becoming a Referee?

USA Hockey's online registration program is back. The registration period for 2009-10 opens August 1.

Welcome to another season of exciting hockey officiating. USA Hockey appreciates your continued commitment to our hockey programs and dedicated officiating!

USA Hockey's online registration program is back. The registration period for 2009-10 opens August 1. You will simply need to log onto and look for the online registration button to complete your officiating application. For your convenience, we have included your USA Hockey Official's Number and Eligibility Level above.

In addition, here are a few helpful hints as you complete the registration process:                                                              

  • Only apply for the level you are eligible for and look for the e-mail confirmation after completing the online application.
  • Go to the seminar portion of and pick out a seminar that fits into your busy schedule. If you have to pre-register for a seminar in your area, be sure to do so right away to save your place in the seminar program.
    Here is the link for the New England District.
  • Follow the instructions regarding the open book exam.

Thank you again, for your continued support of USA Hockey and best wishes for a great season!


All applicants for registration MUST complete the following requirements

1.    Attend a USA Hockey approved and conducted seminar (no exceptions).
2.    Register online and pay required fees to USA Hockey, Inc.
3.    Complete open book test with acceptable score for level requested. 
        Passing grades are:
                    35/50 for Level 1
                    85/100 For Level 2
                    90/100 For Level 3
                    90/100 for Level 4

4.    Pass the closed book examination for the level applied for. This test is only given at the seminars. Passing grades are:
                    Level 2 - 30/50
                    Level 3 - 40/50
                    Level 4 - 40/50

5.    If applying for Level 4 - you will be required to pass a skating test.
                     27/30 possible points

6. In order to be qualified for the full season you must complete all these requirements before the last day of November. If requirements are not complete you are not properly registered and will not be eligible to officiate within USA Hockey until testing process is complete.

Referee Development Program

This section contains a complete on-line training and development program for new and seasoned referees.  Tri-town beleives in working with new and younger officials to help them "break in" to the world of officiating.  This program is designed to be taught in the order of which it is depicted below and training modules should not be completed out of order as each one builds upon the one before it.

The cognitive portion of the development program is designed to be completed on-line and the psychomotor portion will be overseen and completed with specially trained Shadow/Mentor/Evaluators at the arena.  Participants should contact the Referee-in-Chief prior to begining the program and will need to download the On-line training Guide and Student Manual.

Our program is divided into several training levels to include:

Introduction Training - This section contains information on the forms and paperwork to complete in order to become recognized and paid by the arena.  It will also introduce referees to our shadow program and explain the structure of the development program as a whole.

Basic Training - This section focuses on teaching the basic mechanics of officiating from skating to positioning.  Tri-town places much emphasis on teaching customer service skills to new referees in order to better prepare them to handle difficult situations with coaches and players verbally during the game.  Once participants have completed this section, they will need to contact the Referee-in-Chief in order to schedule an "observation" game.

First Aid Training - This section does not certify participants in first aid skills, but it does introduce and review over the basics of first aid techniques that referees can use to help stablize serious injuries until Emergency Medical Service personal arrive to take over.

Intermediate Training - This section focuses on developing the participants ability to recognize penalties and make the appropriate calls.  It also introduces the concept of the three official system for USA Hockey.

Center Ice Hockey League (CIHL) Training - This section focuses on our adult league program and reviews over the rules that the league utilizes.  This section must be completed and the written exam passed by all officials who are planning on working the adult league prior to their being assigned to games.

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